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Retailer strategy

Category : Distribution channel: strategy and new experiences

Published on 12/09/2018

image Retailer strategy
  • Albert Heijn is testing a refrigerated vending machine that is intended for the sale of products like salads, freshly prepared ready meals, and recipes from the Allerhande box.

  • Metro wants to improve the visibility of restaurant operators by offering them a free website and booking system. This service is based on an observation: half of all operators do not have their own website, at a time when consumers are increasingly looking up information and reviews online before booking a table. Since the beginning of the year, Metro has created 1,500 websites and 70 reservation systems. The goal is to reach 105,000 websites and 15,000 reservation systems internationally by the end of the year, starting from the existing 2,600 websites and 800 reservation systems in Belgium. (Source: Gondola Retail)
  • In early June, Carrefour announced that it would use Blockchain technology for certain categories of products, including eggs, cheese, milk, oranges, tomatoes, salmon, and ground beef. The system enables the retailer to guarantee complete traceability of its products, like it already does for Auvergne chickens.
  • Carrefour is launching ShipTo, a digital marketplace app that connects customers with personal shoppers. Customers choose the store where they want to shop, add products to their cart, and place their order – all from within the app. The purchases are then delivered to their address by the personal shopper.

Kroger is testing delivery by autonomous vehicle.